Bachelor of Architecture (Honours)

The Slovo Park Project – The Story

The Slovo Park Project    The Slovo Park Project began as a small research project in the University of Pretoria’s Housing and Urban Environments module of the Architectural Honours Year.    It quickly gained momentum in its relation to the community it desire to understand the problems faced by South Africa’s Urban Poor. The process […]

AZA Master Class 2010 – The Other Master Classes

During the Master Class I was fortunate enough to participate in, several others were run. More information can be found at AZA 2010 – Master Classes Although I did not see all the final products, below are some of the works I managed to document. The quality of the shots isn’t great, but I hope […]

AZA Master Class 2010 – Convertible Cities

This year’s Architectural Student Congress was combined with the Architecture ZA (AZA 2010) and held in Newtown, Johannesburg. AZA 2010 hosted a Master Class session, which were attended by several prominent professionals and hosted at Arts on Main, just West of Johannesburg’s CBD. I was chosen amongst several other student submissions for an Autodesk Sponsored […]

The Slovo Park Project – The Beginning

Quarter 4 The final quarter at the University of Pretoria allows for the students to select one project undertaken in the year under: Housing and Urban Environments, Heritage & Cultural Landscapes and Environmental Potential. The intention is for the student to take the proposal further into a design detailed level of resolution. This project then […]

The Housing Clinic

The Housing Clinic From the standpoint that the issues around housing in South Africa are too complex and vast for anyone to easily get a grasp on the concept, the design seeks to give a tangible face to the solutions. The Approach The housing SA brand is meant to be the face for Housing South […]

Housing & Urban Environments (H-UE)

Quarter 3  The final project for our 3 quarter session was that of Urban and Urban Environments, we were given a choice of 2 sites and expected to undertake the necessary research to and try gain an understanding of the urban condition of the area. From this we were expected to derive a building  that […]

Heritage & Cultural Landscapes- Pretoria Art Museum

Quarter 1   My first project at the University of Pretoria was the adaptive re-use of the existing Pretoria Art Museum within the context of Arcadia Park. This was a particularly difficult project due to the unfathomably subjective possibilities of design approaches based on the notions of ‘Cultural Significance’. Anyone who has attempted a heritage […]

Environmental Potential: Final Submission

Quarter 2   The refined proposal attempts to streamline the previous ideas and explain how the intervention makes the Carlton Center and the surrounding complex more ecologically responsive.   *   Deep Ecology Working from the previous post’s critique; the design works around the idea of Deep Urban Ecology and how each building is simply […]

Environmental Potential: Part 2

Critique 2 After assessing the nature of JHB inner city more closely, a need for a stronger social approach became clear. The modified proposal approached the problem on a much more human scale. An Approach Although the buildings, the people, the flora and fauna all seem to occupy the same spaces and interact on a […]

Environmental Potential: Part 1

Critique 1   Our new assignment is a adaptive re-use of the Carlton Center in Johanessburg CBD. Initial My initial idea was to flood the entire basement section (as the BRT system would provide future transport for all visitors and workers to the complex)and by harvesting all the rain water in the area, purifying it […]