Environmental Potential: Final Submission

Quarter 2

The refined proposal attempts to streamline the previous ideas and explain how the intervention makes the Carlton Center and the surrounding complex more ecologically responsive.



Deep Ecology
Working from the previous post’s critique; the design works around the idea of Deep Urban Ecology and how each building is simply an ecosystem within a the complex’s ecosystem which again lies in Johannesburg e.t.c. The design attempts to re-program the systems to create more sustainable flows of energy and materials between the ecosystems and to promote diversity in regards to the environmentalism, finance, sociology and biology.

Urban Ecosystem
The role’s of the buildings have only slightly been altered with the Skyrink building now using the upper floors to take advantage of the better light and ventilation to provide facility for urban farming. The key point for the social intervention is the introduction of the Skillz Development Program (SDP) which provides the manpower to run the in exchange for services such as social function of educating, food and the important cultural interactions and spirit that make any inner city fabric alive.

Urban Green Iconic
The presentation tries to explain the functions of the Carlton Office building, which in the scheme acts as the global and financial icon for the complex. Retaining its title as the tallest building in Africa while keeping inline with it historical role as a commercial catalyst.

Urban Cells
The intervention of the office building begins with the reshaping of the floor plates to allow for natural light into the deep plan building. The building is then  broken up in to 5 zones, each given a new zoning category to increase the commercial diversity of the building and make it more sustainable financially in the long term. 

  • Each of these zones serve each other in tandem, with the water harvested off the facade being stored and re-used for cooling and servicing of the ablution blocks. 
  • The entire building’s ventilation is powered by an industrial size vertical axis wind turbine which generates the necessary pull that is controlled at each level. 
  • The air is drawn from the oxygenated green spaces at each level, cooled by the water stored and serves the office/retail/apartment space within.

These systems work together to make the whole more effective; by programming the flows of the energies and materials between these smaller systems the whole is more effective and natural environment.

This principle is the core of the design proposal and is used in attempt to unify the complex into a more synergistic whole.