The Housing Clinic

The Housing Clinic
From the standpoint that the issues around housing in South Africa are too complex and vast for anyone to easily get a grasp on the concept, the design seeks to give a tangible face to the solutions.

The Approach

The housing SA brand is meant to be the face for Housing South Africa, a joint initiative with local government, NGO’s and the homeowner themselves.

Through this coalition of energies will housing the nation begin to work.

Nodal Development
The master development plan, in order to structure the growth of Slovo in a sustainable manner within Nodal development the key site at the juncture of the existing, with the industrial (the future) and the green field site to establish the new town center.
Incremental Growth
The growth and and placement of the initial building is intended to feed off the energies of the new bus stop, creating a dialogue with the community and establishing itself initially in its context.  As it grows it will do so along a grid determined off the existing housing and start to affect the existing housing through its interaction with the people who it serves.
Housing Doctor
The concept of housing as a service is carried through to the design in that a housing ‘Doctor’ CSA (Community Service Architect) is posted to the site and through interaction with the community in dealing with their initial housing problems, ie leaking roofs, bad insulation, over heating, access to housing subsidies etc, the CSA then learns from the people and shares his knowledge and the knowledge of the people in order to help them.   
The CSA also provides the link to government and disburses information on available subsidies. RDP waiting lists and other housing options. More so, the Housing Clinic is intended to be a showcase of good building principles and new and effective technologies, the building itself will be a demonstration to the community it serves.


The Housing Clinic is intended to be key element in any community becoming a part of their day to day life. The Tower structure is the first step in introducing the notions of good development on a large scale by showing the people that they are part of a larger community and not just marginalised individuals.
The Housing Clinic itself is a showcase of good building principles and exemplifies the practices of what the people in the community build and others. The Housing Clinic is just one part of a larger network of such offices, spreading these principles and ideas through out the country, becoming the living manifestation of the Red Book.