Environmental Potential: Part 1

Critique 1

Our new assignment is a adaptive re-use of the Carlton Center in Johanessburg CBD.

My initial idea was to flood the entire basement section (as the BRT system would provide future transport for all visitors and workers to the complex)and by harvesting all the rain water in the area, purifying it and selling it back to the commercial sector as industrial water create a viable and sustainable way to re-integrate the complex back into to the grid.

The basement could hold roughly 58 million litres of water, and the existing Carlton Hotel would provide housing for all those working at the treatment facility.

The Carlton center itself would house the office for JHB water, and the adjacent building would provide additional services for the facility such as collection and re-distribution points for the supply and distribution of the water.

The Carlton center itself would be re-adapted to be more energy efficient. This is demonstrated by the inclusion of a double skin modular unit that fits within each segment of the existing structure.

The Carleton Center
The unit also employs light shelves to help natural light further into the deep planned building which together with a modified floor slab and curved reflective ceiling allow this to happen, while also creating a thermal barrier from the sun.

The unit also employs a system of microturbines from a local supplier http://www.haikoenergy.com would provide enough energy for the building itself surplus energy would aid in powering the treatment of water below.
Due to grid-placement of the microturbine an oppurtunity for branding is presented by colouring each turbine indiviudalling to create a pixelated but clearly graphic image on each buildings facade.

Post Crit
To house the necessary infrastructure to create the water treatment plant would be unfeasible as well as amount to more material on site that would occupy precious water space.
Although this is true, this idea could have been made possible, but due to lack of time I modified my approach accordingly.