Masters Dissertation – Milestone 6

Masters Dissertation – Milestone 6 
All Architecture projects in existence are made up of green urban networks of community based structurally adaptive reuse – with a planted roof.
(Studio Banter, 2011)

Re Rationalisation

The focus of this milestone was the finalised technical resolution of the design. After, the dismal success of the previous technical crit, a re-evaluation of my concept was required.

The first step was to rationalise the lifting mechanism, and why and how a building should grow.

I looked at the crane, and compared old systems of lifting vs new. Notably, the Shadoof, the Pentapastos and the Capstan stood out as the best systems for non mechanical lifting while the climbing truss used in stage productions.

The next diagram was an exploration of an industrial building vs an organic built warehouse using the Stewart Brand’s breakdown of building to re-order typical industry components.

I went back into my research, and looked further into the Slovo Park Project. What came out strongest was the relationship of urban infrastructure in the developing context of townships. Most importantly lamp posts, and the allocation of light for security.
New Scheme
The re-vised premise, seeks to re-interpret the role of the vertical infrastructural member, i.e the lamp post, into a piece of shared urban infrastructure that foster the development of street retail in developing areas.
Using pre-cast lamp post design, that inherently responds to edge condition, a multi structural/service lamp post member is introduced and used to ‘grow’ a development.
The process of growth is planned to take place around the lamp post, by placing two major service piece and filling in them in with smaller units to facilitate growth.

Lamp posts were the more appropriate choice as they inherently respond to edge.

While exploring an appropriate spatial appropriation scheme, I looked back into the history of space, through line, volume and plane. Comparing international examples with local.

Applying those principles to Mamelodi, I illustrated the process of arriving at the form for the unit of growth.

Structurally the form needed changes, and after a discussion with various engineers, I arrived at the form. The idea, being that a typical pre-cast concrete lamp post could be slightly modified to become a structural member by providing lifting opportunity with an additional member.

The typical pattern of growth, allowing for incremental and appropriate growth.

The Technical Resolution

The final presentation did not go as well as planned, firstly the roof (the only typical architectural element in the project) was not completed in time, and a simple structure was used in the time left.

But the external panel said that the building system was successfully designed, but they couldn’t see what was designed and which was allowed for.

Again, I received another question mark for work, not to worried, its now just a task of finishing up in time for the final presentation.

November 8, here we come.

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