Masters Dissertation – Milestone J.1 (Draft 1 Submission of Chapters)

Milestone J.1 (Draft 1 Submission of Chapters) 
                                                            Masters student 1: How’d the presentation go?
                                                            Masters student 2: The only way to describe that, was as a g**g r**e of a crit.
                                                            Masters student 1: I see…
(Studio moment, 2011) 

Final Chapters 
The year’s marks are decidedin your final presentation, You are assigned two external who reads your book before and are present at your final presentation.
Although the book counts for less than the final presentation, it has been an exremely useful tool in organising and explaining the process and my thoughts to myself and my study leaders.
My first complete draft for my dissertation submission. Still havn’t finished chapter 8 or fully rendered the design drawings in chapter 7, but here it is in flash format (give it a few mins if it doesn’t show straight away):
Less than 40 days until the final presentation.

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