Masters Dissertation – Milestone 5

 Masters Dissertation – Milestone 5
Architectural Emesis 
(Archi Vomiting)

The act of expelling a conceptual idea from the bowels of ones’ mind through the gullet of design 
by the projectile expression of pen to paper. 

Generally occurs prior to major hand ins and other times of design stress.
Much like any unpleasant bodily function, the process is not comfortable while happening, but necessary, 
as the contents of one’s mind bowels at times requires outer body inspection in order to achieve conceptual relief.
Pre – Technical Crit
This milestone was shortly placed after Milestone 4 to kick the class into technical gear, the requirements were to begin expressing the design’s technical aspects through a 1:20 section, a 1:100 plan and any accompanying technical diagrams.

My ‘Technical’ Section

I have realised that my design hinges around the Unit of Growth, and how that needs to express the poetry of a Mamelodi Techtonic working with a larger more structural techntonic in order to grow beyond its current limitations.

The roof element is intended to move up, holding the services, while the columns (the containers) support it through its growth.

I was hoping to express the duality of the street edge versus the rail edge, and how this techtonic allows for a dual expression of either.
Ultimately I failed this crit, due to unresolved nature of my detailing. My first fail this year, but warranted as I still have a lot of work ahead of me…

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