Masters in Architecture (Prof.)

Master Dissertation – Milestone 8

Milestone 8 – Final Presentation                                                                           Jhono:          My project is about my pole.       […]

Masters Dissertation – Milestone 7

Milestone 7 Die bangste bobbejaan spring die verste… (Studio Fairy,2011) * The end draws near… With only a few weeks left to go we have handed in our documents, as they are, to our external examiners and are all now in damage control mode; fixing everything we can as much as we can with the […]

Masters Dissertation – Milestone 6

Masters Dissertation – Milestone 6  All Architecture projects in existence are made up of green urban networks of community based structurally adaptive reuse – with a planted roof. (Studio Banter, 2011) * Re Rationalisation The focus of this milestone was the finalised technical resolution of the design. After, the dismal success of the previous technical […]

Masters Dissertation – Milestone 5

         Masters Dissertation – Milestone 5   Architectural Emesis  (Archi Vomiting) The act of expelling a conceptual idea from the bowels of ones’ mind through the gullet of design  by the projectile expression of pen to paper.  Generally occurs prior to major hand ins and other times of design stress.   Much […]

Masters Dissertation – Milestone 4

Milestone 4 Student:      The idea of the dissertation is to explore the concept of –  Lecturer:    – FALCON PUNCH!!! Student:      …mild post punch groan…. (Die Grobbels, 2011) * July offered the brief reprieve of a 2 week break from the Masters Year. I spent the holiday in the Cape, attending the national arts festival […]

Masters Dissertation – Milestone 3

Milestone 3   Beware of Paprophila – the fear of commiting design to paper. (Studio Banter, 2011) * Milestone 3 marks the half way point in this year’s dissertation ‘race’. Being forced to produce a design and put it on paper although painful, has the benefit of exposing the hidden pitfalls and potentialls to the […]

Moving Spaces 2011 – Temporal Flux of the African City

Moving Spaces Film Competition This years Cement and Concrete Institute’s Film Competition was themed Science Friction and called for ideas on what the Future of the African Citiy will be. The film competition gives students the oppurtunity to pitch their ideas to the organisers, who then select the top 4  entries and give them R25 […]

Masters Dissertation – Milestone 2

MILESTONE 2 When thing go bad, BOOM! …Disney… (Studio Colleugue Henner,2011) * With 5 weeks until the half way mark, the dissertation is beginning to fall into place. Working in studio has been the single most valuable decision I have made since I began post grad.  The atmosphere, the knowledge exchange and communal idea forming […]

Masters Dissertation – Draft Chapters 1-3

MILESTONE G.2 – DRAFT CHAPTER 1-3    You cannot create life in 9 months…   Dissertation Year Co-ordinator (Koning Laubscher, 2011) *  The year continues on, stealing from me my the small degree of socialness that I once had, as well as my grip on what I once thought was ‘normal’ behaviour… I digress. * […]

Masters Dissertation – Milestone 1

MILESTONE 1  (A- G.1) “Design, like many things,  is not a linear process…” (Koning Darth Laubscher,2011) Only now, in the 13th week of my final year, am I finally feeling like I’m getting into the issue of what I’m really dealing with in my Master’s Dissertation. Its amazing how much of the time has been […]

Corobrik Student of the Year Awards- 2010

  The Corobrick Student of the Year -2010 finalists were exhibited at the Wanderes Club, Illovo in Johannesburg in April this year. Several of us ‘bou-kinders’ and other students were fortunate enough to attend the exhibition and the accompanied lecture by Paragon Architecture’s Henning Erasmus. The choices we all face Architecture Karate Being heavily involved […]

Pre Masters Building Study

Every December my family’s evacuation from Durban to the relatively drier and calmer Western Cape takes us through the Transkei, Eastern Cape and Western Cape at break neck speed to lessen the hassle of the trip, a 1660km journey through the N2. *Note 1 Having been involved in this pilgrimage for most of my life, […]