Katatura – Special Olympics Sports Center

The Special Olympics Project I worked on with Architecture for Humanity (Special Olympics Namibia) has gone ahead as planned. Tommy Calhoun took over from me during the tender phase and has overseen the project brilliantly.


This will be one of my first projects that I personally was involved with in the design go up. Really excited to see how it goes, below is the link to the project site.


Autodesk Open Think Box Competition – Fist Place: BIM

During my first job (2007-2009) at a professional architecture practice I became very adept at Revit and the accompanying Autodesk software including Ecotect.

At the time Autodesk hosted an annual national competition to showcase the software, the Open Think Box Competition. My submission of the BIM application to a project that the company was conducting received first place.

This prize came with a few merits and secured me a later job working for the local Autodesk supplier, evaluating offices across Johannesburg on their usability of Revit and consulting on how to support these offices.

Architecture Practice Work: Eco-Design Architecture


House Morris, Barrydale, Western Cape: April 2009
My role:  Construction Phase – Volunteer builder

While staying in Cape Town, Andy Horn from Eco-Design Architects was extremely generous in sharing his knowledge around sustainable construction and design and offered me several oppurtunities to learn and be involved in some of his projects as a volunteer.

Architectural Practice Work: Open House Architects

I did some brief 3D modeling work with Ilze Wolff and Ches Bedara at their practice of Open House Architecture for the Sarah Bartmann Competition in 2009.

Sarah Bartmann Competition – Hankey, Eastern Cape
My role: Design Concept Phase – 3D Modeling, drawing production