WIP+ Bartlett School of Architecture PhD Support Programme

In response to effects the Covid 19 Lockdowns has on the doctoral culture here at UCL, I have played a part in leading an initiative, alongside Zahira El Nazer and a Committee of students, that aimed to bring the PhD Cohort together in support of peer learning and training here at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

This initiative was started a few years ago by previous PhD students (acknowledged below) with the amazing graphic design by our fellow PhD candidate Ecem Egrin.

Graphic Work: Ecem Egrin

“WIP+ (Work in Progress Plus) is a student-led initiative set up by PhD students at The Bartlett School of Architecture to connect and support the doctoral cohort across all streams of the programme.

WIP+ is intended to be a supplementary student-led support space to The Bartlett PhD Programme that works alongside existing training resources. The initiative is seen as a means to foster a platform for new and current PhD scholars to connect and share their knowledge, skills, and experience. The WIP+ has been developed through the volunteer efforts of previous PhD students who have launched and maintained this initiative since 2019. 

Graphic Work: Ecem Egrin

WIP+ is currently structured through seasons that will see different student groups convening and overseeing curated sets of themes, topics or focuses. The Season 1 program has been developed from a survey undertaken in 2021 and will act as a pilot for WIP+ initiative. The 2022 programme has been supported by funding from both The Bartlett School of Architecture PhD Programme and The Bartlett Faculty Doctoral Initiative Fund Award. 

All events are recorded and available on the Teams Group along with all documented resources and links. Join the Teams Group to be involved. There have already been several sessions this year to catch up on the teams site. The remaining sessions are detailed below. 


WIP+ 2022 Season 1 Committee: Jhono Bennett, Zahira El Nazer, Kirti Durelle, Sepehr Zhand and Tumpa Fellows.

WIP+ Speakers: Kerry-Jo Reilly, Ana Wild, Zahira El Nazer, Sepehr Zhand, Stelios Giamarelos, Nathaniel Telemaque, Alberto Fernández González, Thomas Parker, Danielle Hewitt, Sol Perez Martinez, Saptarshi Sanyal, Ram Shergill, Omar Abolnaga, Petra Seitz, Noami Gibson, Jhono Bennett, Keri Culhane, Olivier Bellfamme, Steph Fell, Zoe Quick, Dr Dasha Moschonas and Dr. Beatrice De Carli

WIP+ Volunteers and Support Team: Ecem Egrin (Graphic Design), Thomas Parker, Jonathan Tyrell, Danielle Ovalle Costal, Danielle Hewitt, Thomas Dyckhoff, Kirti Durelle, Tumpa Fellows, Mine Sak Acur, Melih Kamaoğlu

Former WIP+ Leaders & Founders: Danielle Hewitt, Aisling O’Carrol, Sol Perez Martinez and Claire Tunnacliffe