Diasporic Geographies: voices from the south(s)

Within the Urban Design Otherwise Seminars conceptualised and led by Dr. Catalina Ortiz, I was tasked to work with the MSc Building and Urban Design in Development team in organising (led by Laia Gemma Garcia Fernandez ) a walking seminar with Latin Elephant, David Mcewen and Resolve Collective.

While diaspora speaks to ideas of dispersion or forced relocation, the resultant geographic displacement of any group of people invokes spatial practices that create intimate relationships to place, enhance social connectedness and produce unique ideas of home. Diasporic living practices typically empower and support actions of solidarity and interconnectedness as well as the assertions of cultural self and collectivism that tend to travel with people through global manifestations of community. Very often, these practices create friction within existing socio-spatial systems and can result in strong collective actions around identity, politics, and agency in relation to belonging.

This session will host an immersive and interactive city-walk-talk format that will be led by local voices and actors in spatial making from London’s South(s). Through walking, talking, and engaging with the people and places of this dynamic urban center, we will be exposed to a unique juxtaposition of temporality and permanence, of preservation and innovation and understanding as well as response that are present in the South(s) of London’s diasporic geographies.
In this session we will join a small local selection of spatial actors from Elephant and Castle as well as Brixton.

Taken from introduction text for the event: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/development/events/2022/feb/diasporic-geographies-voices-souths