Spaces of Urban Change: Public Lecture

During my work with the University of Sheffield’s Master’s in Urban Design teaching, I was fortunate to share a presentation space with Omar Nagati of Cluster .

It was a very enlightening experience and the discussions after were hugely insightful.

“The lecture focuses on the work, ideas, and methodologies of CLUSTER and 1to1 Agency of Engagement, two innovative design and research practices based in Cairo and Johannesburg respectively. Jhono Bennett and Omar Nagati share examples of on-going and recent work within the rapidly shifting urban landscapes where they operate.

Through their presentations, they discuss the new modes of urban practice that might emerge through an active engagement in the processes of urban change, redefining the position of architects and urban designers. They reflect on these new modes of practice by outlining some of the methods and strategies adopted by CLUSTER and 1to1 Agency of Engagement, as well as key projects in Cairo and Johannesburg.

This event was organised by Beatrice De Carli on behalf of the research group Globalisation and Spatial Practice at Sheffield School of Architecture.

Work with Sheffield University

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