Jus’t Spatial Design Digital Resource Platform

Developed during the first lock-down in 2020, this initiative was conceived as a means of translating the ‘back-of-house’ research and training work that was being done through 1to1 – Agency of Engagement and my doctoral research. We named this initiative Jus’t Spatial Design ZA and worked to make it accessible to as many people who could use it in their work.

The platform was developed from an early digital resource that I developed while teaching at the University of Johannesburg and was seen as a way to support practitioners (research, design and socio-technical) in their work towards Spatial Justice in South African cities. Each of these terms are carefully unpacked and include quick links, academic references and a local/global comparison for each part:

The website offers a series of Practice Framings that aims to assist those working across this sector a way to describe their work through local and global terms.

The platform has been further enhanced with the support of Adheema Davis to include a Contribution Section that is busy collecting a multitude of different voices on this topic, with a regular publication schedule. Contributors are invited to submit a short writing, visual or other media idea in exchange for editing, development support and a cohort of similar writers that we have been facilitating.

Contributions Page

Cohort 1 Profile Page

Writing Club Cohort 1 – Co Production Miro Board

These are shared and connected across the various social media platforms that the initiative manages.

The platform also houses a growing set of resources that I add as my own doctoral work covers these fields. This is imagined to grow and adapted in the future to be more thorough and relevant.

Additional Resources Page

Jus’t Spatial Design ZA is still largely in development, but is seen as a collaborative project. If you are interested in join or get involved in way – please contact the team!