Colgate University Facilitation in Durban

The Colgate University has a global programme that brings over 20 undergraduate students from their small university to Cape Town and Durban each year. These students are exposed to the soci-cultural complexity of post-1994 South Africa and guided to engage with this difference and layered issues through a reflexive and considered approach by Mark Stern and his colleagues.

Based on my experience with the Harvard group I was asked to assist in arranging their Durban visit and employed the assistance of Adheema Davis and Miguel Juan in arranging the visit.

The highlight for me personally was the speed-ate session between the Durban students and the Colgate, we have hosted exercises like this before and each time the results are amazing: as a former student in Durban, we are plagued by a internalised view of Durban that disconnects us from the rest of the world – these sessions always do big work in making local students feel there are not huge differences between themselves and ‘international students’.

UKZN/DUT Speedate with Colgate Students