Teaching & Training Collection

My work currently focuses on a broader look at training, teaching and facilitation through 1to1 – Agency of Engagement , but I still maintain a position in the DSD Desis Laba at UJ’s FADA. 

I have recently competed a teaching relationship within in GSA_Unit 14  alongside Thireshan Govender as part of the newly launched Unit System Africa from the University of Johannesburg’s Graduate School of Architecture .

Before this I have taught formally at the University of the Witwatersrand’s Planning Department, the University of Pretoria’s Architecture Department and the University of Sheffield’s Architecture and Urban Design Department. 

University of Sheffield – School of Architecture

University of Sheffield – Masters in Urban Design

University of Johannesburg – Architecture Department

ASF-UK Challenging Practice in South Africa

GSA_Unit 14: Radical Negotiations

UJ Unit 2: Architecture & Agency

UJ Studio AT Denver – 2014

UJ Creativity Week – 2013

University of the Witwatersrand – Planning School

University of the Witwatersrand – Planning School:  Kya Sands Planning Studio

University of Pretoria – Architecture School

Teaching: University of Pretoria Housing & Urban Environment Module