Published & Research Collection

My current research focus is around the inclusive use and design of our South African cities, specifically the role that design plays in this. My research practice has begun forming around the idea of Action Research, which is the guiding methodology of my current PHD inqiury.

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Collection of my individual published artifacts:

Design Praxis in a post-Rainbow Nation City: a reflection on the limits & opportunities of spatial design led service learning in South African cities

Un-learning ‘community’: reflections on socio-technical spatial design support with Slovo Park

Co-Designing The Drivers Seat: A call for an Open Approach to Drawing Production in Spatial Design Practice

FOLIO Vol.1 PUPAE – Not a ‘NO-GO’ Zone

Upgrading Informal Settlement Book Chapter

Architecture and agency: ethics and accountability in teaching through the application of Open Building principles

Design Anthology Issue #6 – Design from the passenger seat

People And Projects: The Importance Of Catalysts In Teaching Community Architecture in South Africa

Critical engagement in informal settlements: lessons from the South African experience

The Design of Urban Form as Response to Elusive Patterns and Networks

Platforms of Engagement : A Process of Critical Engagement with a Developing Context

Collection of Action Research projects:

Designing Inclusion Summer School: Guayaquil, Ecaudor

3rd Regional Community Architecture Network Meeting & Workshop: Manila, Phillipines

The (in)formal City – Part 4: Berl-in-in-Joburg Research

The (in)formal City – Part 2: Berl-informal Research

Market’s of Warwick Research

Zanzibar – Documenting the Intangible Heritage Value of Stone Town

The Swedish Inquire-sition

Pre Masters Research Trip

Maputo – Documenting the Baixa